Meet the Team That Manufactures Photoluminescent Decals

Steve Williams, the creator of AWOGS, started the trend of the photo-luminescent movement in the fire industry in 2007. He retired from the Fulton County Fire Department, which is located on the south end of Atlanta as a driver/paramedic at Station 7, in 2018. Steve has been married for 23+ years and his wife works in public safety as well. They have two children, a daughter and a son who is an offensive lineman at a Power 5 school.

Steve decided the day of the Worcester 6 died in Dec of 96 that the deaths of the 6 didn't have to have happen and he went to work on a product that would aid firefighters that where disorientated in large structures. Steve designed a system that could allow firefighters to find their way out of large commercial buildings using his photo-luminescent material and reflective numbering, along with a detailed preplan. Unfortunately, it was a system that was ahead of its time. Steve used what he learned from that to create products for firefighter equipment and the rest is history.

Steve understands how the system works from small, volunteer departments to the larger departments from a service and budget perspective. He started out on a small volunteer department 30 plus years ago in middle Georgia where money was tight and equipment was hard to come by. Knowing what he does from those experiences, Steve does everything possible to work with smaller depts. to get their crews set up with AWOGS products so they can be confident and safe while doing their jobs.

To date, AWOGS has been responsible for helping at least 6 firefighters, that have been disorientated or trapped, be seen and rescued and those are just the ones we know about. Now committed to AWOGS full-time job with a full-time staff, Steve is still serving the fire service, by serving the firefighters.